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Building Regs Part L Compliance

We will assist architects, builders, self-build construction teams with achieving Part L compliance. We will carry out a thorough check of plans and specifications to ensure that they meet with the new regulations and issue Part L compliance report and Provisional BER certificate. All new buildings & significant refurbishment, must show that they meet the minimum efficiency standards as set out in the 2011 Part L Technical Guidance Document. A full analysis of your plans by our assessors will ensure, efficiency and cost effective design, with full compliance under the following headings:    

  • Thermal Envelope and Building Fabric Heat Loss
  • Building Airtightness, Ventilation & Thermal Bridging
  • Building Services & Controls
  • Renewable Energy Contribution
  • BER (Provisional / Final)
  • DEAP Compliance Report
  • EPC and CPC Energy and Carbon Performance Coefficients
  • Refurbishment of Existing Buildings